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Gratitude for all that matters

I used to have a blog a few years ago. But I didn’t post new writing as regularly as I should have. So here’s to a fresh start. I intend to update this blog regularly with my reflections and musings on anything and everything that moves me to write. My life is steeped in cinema, media, theater, music and everything else to do with popular (and unpopular) culture, freedom and expression. I have a lot of opinions on a lot of issues, so stay tuned!

In India, we have a tradition of praying to God before starting any new venture. I am not much of a believer in organized religion. But I do believe in the power of goodness. I believe in being kind, honest, and a carrier of positive energy. I believe we are all connected and we get back as much positivity as we invest in everything around us, and that is what gives me the courage and strength to keep going. Gratitude forms a major part of my personal religion. Being grateful makes me humble and makes me work harder to retain all the good things in my life. In turn, I end up projecting more positivity. See how that works! Continue reading Gratitude for all that matters