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Don Draper – It’s Time to Look Inward

I’m a junkie for books and movies with ambiguous endings, because it means that your relationship with the piece of art isn’t over. The story lives with you as you spend days and weeks mulling over various interpretations, and making it your own. And that is why I loved the finale of Mad Men – one of the greatest shows ever made in the history of television. There’s so much to say about all the characters, but I want to start with Don. I want to present my theory of Don’s resolution, if we can even call it that.

I don’t think he became a yogi, but I don’t believe that he went back to McCann and made that Coke ad either. For me, the entire season starting last year was a build-up to the rebirth of Dick Whitman. Don Draper was a façade. He’s always been a façade and it was time for the curtains to go down on that show.

The first time we met Don Draper was through a slow zoom-in on the back of his head in a dark and dingy bar. The series ended with a slow zoom-in on the front of his face on a clear and breezy day, out in the open with no barriers of any kind. It was a journey from the back of his head to the front.


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