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Fan: SRK Negotiates His Own Stardom

Fan is the story of a superstar (Aryan Khanna) and his devoted fan (Gaurav Chandna), and what happens when the mask of stardom comes off. Let me start by saying that I think Fan is one of the biggest risks of Shahrukh’s career, and an extremely commendable one at that. And if I may say so, it was totally worth it! It’s a challenge for a mainstream actor to step so far out of his comfort zone.

fan-movieFrom the moment we slowly followed the fan Gaurav Chandna with his back to the camera as he swaggered with confidence and took the stage to emulate his hero, I was hooked! Fan triggered my thinking on a few different aspects.

  1. Return of the psychotic antihero
  2. The tension between Shahrukh Khan’s and Aryan Khanna’s star image
  3. Commentary on the complicated relationship between fandom and stardom in India

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